Yandere High School Minecraft Map Download

Yandere High School Minecraft Map Download


I don't know when that is, but unfortunately, probably not for a while.

Do not claim this map as yours!

Gym (Locker Rooms) Cherry Tree Secret Room Courtyard.

Gas Station Store House Mountains DROPBOX DOWNLOAD : m/s/2yy73ziu4rc2zor/Yandere20Sim20Map2028429.zip?

So if something does not look like it is in the game, it is because i added my own twist to the map.

There should soon be a nurses office, counselor's office, and yandere chan's house.

This map download PVZ 2 PC is not yet finished, but will be finished throughout multiple updates!

Yandere-high-school 3 3 diamonds Yandere Chans house Project Details 2049155 Okay so i saw this map i downloaded it and the school was mostly emty so i wanted to add some stuff in to fill up the school.

I might add in some structures later.

Once all of those anti Virus Free 2016 are out the first version of this map will be COMPLETE!

However, feel free to use this map on your server or for a series if you would like.

Btw yandere chans house is the mostly black one i didn't add in the basment yet :P THIS IS OWNED BY :Animoo i think.

TOWN 10 Houses 2 Apartments (9 Rooms Each) 3 Restaraunts 3 Shops Food Court Police Station Small Park.

Here is a map based off the game "Yandere Simulator".

Updates will be coming out less frequently do to the fact that the game keeps changing textures/how it looks.